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A new way of teaching so you can learn what you need and study even with your busy schedule 

Study by yourself to be prepared for the speaking lessons

You have to prepare good by yourself, with all the materials you'll find on the platform (video lessons, grammar and vocabulary pdfs and a lot of exercises) so you can apply it with me in the speaking lessons!

Teaching is based on the language you will use

We focus all the classes on the 10% of the language you will use all the time. We dont't like to teach things you will never use

What our learners say about us

"The courses helped me get my dream job in Norway and I am so grateful for the classes and the materials that are easy to follow"
Marcela Azevedo
"After 5 months with the Norwegian courses I made a huge progress, I started speaking with people more in Norwegian and I just got a job with Thon Hotels Norway"

Frequently asked questions

How long does each level take?

It depends on your level but A1 and A2 takes 6 weeks each. Then when you reach B1 each level takes 12 weeks up to C1  (depending on you of course).

What is my correct level? 

Normally if you are not sure and you have just some basic skills from speaking or Duolingo I would recommend to start with A1 since we learn a lot of really crucial elements here. You can also take a Norwegian quiz to test your level: ask me for more details about this.