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A2 Norwegian  Conversation Course

Ta din norsk til et nytt nivå

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This price is for either:
- 2 months attending classes 4 times a week
- 3 months attending classes 2 times a week

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Starting date



8-12 weeks



How does in work?

This course will take you from the beginning of A2. You will now learn how to speak and apply what you have already learned in A1+teach you the A2 materials.

Normally people buy this course with a monthly subscription. More information is found in the link above.

Throughout this course you will learn:

  • To speak Norwegian with real life situations 
  • To ask and tell directions 
  • To speak in past and future tense
  • Important expressions 
  • The use of fundamental vocabulary
  • To state your opinion  

Learn to speak Norwegian

Slowly and carefully we will get you to make sentences and start using it with the other students. We will be there to help you and correct you. 

Advance your vocabulary

Before each lesson you will learn about 10-20 new words that we will make you use in our classes. We will also send you the video of the class so you can go over your mistakes and take notes of new words. 

Get a certificate

     After completing this level, you will do a small exam. After the exam we will give you a certificate that you can use for your career, or just post on your wall;-)

Have a personalized learning plan

After signing up, we will write you and set up a personalized plan for you based on your level and your goals. We will also adapt the plan for you if we see that you learn faster or slower than expected. 

How is it to study with us?

The NC strategy that have make hundreds of students fluent already


Prepare for the class

You will first prepare for the class on our platform. You will study important vocabulary and read about a topic. 

Have conversations

When you join the Zoom-class you already have studied the vocabulary and  we will now speak and make mistakes together. Now it's all about trying until you get it correct. The teachers will be here to help you and correct you. 

Study the video

After the lesson, you will have access to the recording and the notes of the lesson. We will recommend you to go over it, and study your mistakes and the new vocabulary.