Registration completed!   

You are almost ready to start. Here are the 2 steps you need to do before starting. 

Write your awesome label here.

Step 1/2: Pick your classes for the conversations and send them in the form. 

You do not have to do this if you want to have a flexible schedule. 

-If you have the Basic package you pick 2 classes. 
-If you have the Standard package you pick 4 classes. 
-If you have the Speed package you pick 6 classes. 

If you are A2, here are your options: 

Monday: 18:00
Monday: 19:00
Monday: 20:00
Tuesday: 19:00
Writing assignment due Wednesdays
Wednesday: 12:00
Wednesday: 19:00
Wednesday: 20:00
Thursday: 19:00

If you are B1 here are your options: 
Monday: 16:00
Monday: 18:00
Monday: 19:00
Tuesday: 17:00
Tuesday: 18:00
Writing assignment due Wednesdays at 14:00
Wednesday: 17:00
Wednesday: 18:00
Thursday: 17:00

If you are B2/C1 here are your options: 
Tuesday: 19:00
Tuesday: 20:00 
Tuesday: 20:00 (C1)
Wednesday: 20:00
Writing assignment due Thursdays at 14:00
Thursday: 18:00
Thursday: 20:00

Step 2/2: Wait for us to write you+become familiar with the platform.

We will now personally write to you within 24 hours to set up a learning plan for you so you can reach your dreams. (Via whatsApp or email)

Note: In the weekends we will write you on Sunday night. 


1) If you ever need a break from the classes, you can at any time take a break for up to 8 weeks a year, and put your membership on hold.

2) You can reschedule all your lessons for free up to 6 hours before the class. 

3) You can choose to have a flexible schedule, and every week pick the classes you want. 

In the meantime you can press the button to become familiar with the calendar, you will use this page in the future to join and prepare for the classes. 

When we personally write you, we will help you and set up everything for you.